About the API

The VehMan API is a free resource designed to help monitor the costs of owning a vehicle, over it's lifetime. Currently the API supports the recording of Fuel and Servicing information, as well as related items such as journey logs (to provide a correlation between speed and fuel economy).

The API can generate a range of reports based upon the data submitted, and can generate a range of web-friendly charts to display that data;

Monthly average cost per mile



The underlying concept of VehMan was originally developed in 2011 with an incredibly basic template. The codebase was written in a hurry, with the aid of a number of bottles of wine, and so whilst functional was inefficient and bloated. The decision not to polish a turd was made early on, and so once the basic functionality was implemented the system was treated as a proof of concept. Once the underlying idea had proven valid, a complete rewrite was planned, this time as an API so that a myriad of interfaces (Ugly or otherwise) could be created quickly and easily.

Today the system is modular and lightweight, a far cry from the bloated pile of spaghetti code that formed it's legacy counterpart. The two remain interoperable as the legacy system now has a client library integrated into it, allowing updates to be propagated to the API (especially useful when testing).

The system stores its data in a MySQL database and performs regular tasks, such as importing queued GPX track files and generating fuel economy statistics.


For more information, view the list of API Features.