Recording Journeys with an Android Phone

Using the Journey functionality of Vehicle Fuel Tracker allows you to monitor your speed and the impact it has upon fuel consumption. The most convenient way to use the Journey functionality, is to use a (GPS enabled) Android smartphone and two free apps to track your journeys and make the log files easily available for import.

The Apps you'll require are

Speedview provides GPS track logging functionality, whilst Dropsync can be used to automatically sync the resulting track files to your Dropbox account. From here, the files can directly be imported through the Vehicle Fuel Tracker site.

Other dedicated GPS devices also provide track logging functionality, however you will need to manually export the track files in order to be able to import them into the Vehicle Management API.


 Configuring SpeedView

Speedview Configuration

Once Speedview is installed, you'll need to configure it to export GPX track files as this is not the default behaviour. Enter the settings and then expand 'Data Recording', within this section you should see the two options that we need to enable

  • Enable track logging
  • Automatic GPX export

On a daily basis, GPX track files will be exported to /mnt/sdcard/speedview.


Configuring Dropsync

Dropsync Synced Folders

Dropsync is an app designed to automatically sync directories on your phone up to specific directories in your Dropbox account. The app walks you through authenticating with Dropbox and will then ask you to select the local directory that you wish to Sync.

Select /mnt/sdcard/speedview/tracks and then select the Directory you want to sync to (perhaps create a new directory called speedview). When asked for the sync type, Set to 'Upload Only'.

In the Dropsync settings;

Find the Autosync section and enable Autosync with an Interval of 12 Hours. Unless you're happy to have Dropsync running all the time as a foreground process, disable Instant Upload.


Save the settings and exit

The Dropsync background process will start whenever the phone boots and will now sync your GPX trackfiles up to Dropbox every 12 hours. From there, you can import into Vehicle Fuel Tracker.


 Now all that you need to do is to remember to start Speedview at the beginning of each Journey.