Importing GPX Files

Using the Journey functionality of Vehicle Fuel Tracker allows you to monitor your speed and the impact it has upon fuel consumption. 

There are various ways you can generate and capture GPX track files, including with an Android Smartphone. This documentation, however, focuses solely on using the GPX Import interface, whether to upload a GPX track file from your computer, or to select one from your Dropbox account. 

It's important to understand that GPX files are not fully imported at time of submission, they are in fact queued for the next processing run (which currently occur every 15 minutes)


Accessing the Import View

There are numerous links to the GPX Import screen (including on the Vehicle Details Page), all of which are labelled 'Import GPX File'. Once on the Import screen, it's important to check which vehicle you will be recording the Journey against, if the chosen vehicle is incorrect, you can simply choose another from the dropdown menu.


Selecting a File from your Dropbox Account

If the GPX file you wish to use is in your Dropbox account, you can directly import it without needing to first download to your computer. To do so, click the Dropbox chooser button

You may be asked to sign into Dropbox (if you aren't already), and will then be presented with a view of your Dropbox account. Simply browse to the file you wish to Import and then click 'Choose'.  

A few moments later, you should see confirmation of which file you have selected.

Click 'Import GPX' and your GPX file will be queued for import.


Uploading a GPX file from your Computer

Alternatively, you can opt to upload a file from your hard-drive. To do so, simply click the 'Choose File' button and select the file you wish to upload.


Finally, click 'Import GPX' and your GPX file will be queued for import.