Template Redesign is (more or less) Complete

The early version of this site used a temporary template, and it looked a little flat.

We've now, more or less, completed the template redesign in advance of the forthcoming public beta. There are still a few elements that need tweaking first, but thought we'd share the new template now.

The Site is Live

There's still some work to do, and we're not ready to start accepting users just yet, but the site is live and the Developer documentation is slowly being proofread and posted.

The API itself is live and handling real world data, although there's a small incremental release planned for deployment in the next few weeks. One of the elements that will see some additional effort in the near future is the pChart integration - it doesn't work as well as hoped when there's only a small date range to be sampled.

Once the documentation is fully published and the User interfaces have been polished, the site will be officially launched.

Welcome to VehicleFuelTracker.co.uk

Welcome to VehicleFuelTracker.co.uk, the primary interface to the Vehicle Management API. This site houses a collection of features, allowing users to track the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their vehicles, for free!

The API is free to use, and developers are welcome to create their own websites and Apps, the Developer documentation is provided to aid in this.